Start online web development using PHP

Getting started with PHP.

Php also known as Hyper text pre-processor online server site scripting programming language used to develop web applications like websites. Php is one of the most usable backhand programming language around whole globe because it is completely open source and all the tools is freely available on internet to develop web applications with the use of PHP .PHP supports dynamic web content means the all the content comes from MySQL database which stores in phpmyadmin control panel. So here is the complete step by step tutorial for Start online web development using PHP.

Start online web development using PHP

How to Start online web development using PHP.

This is my first post about getting started with php so firstly i am explaining so basic feature of php including its syntax.

Syntax of PHP : Each & every file comes with an extension so PHP supports .php extension files. For example if you will crate php files it will look like this sample.php , index.php .


//write your code here.


Now save this file with .php extension.

Note: In php programming language echo is most important because echo is used to print dynamic content output on web application screen. See below coding structure :

<title>My first php page</title>

echo " echo function is used to display output on web application. ";


Save this file with .php extension. Now you have to run this file but php files cannot runs same as .html extension files so you need to install Xampp localhost server on your computer to run or execute php files because php is server side scripting language and dose not run without server environment so xampp makes our local system like local server . Now read my next tutorial about How to install Xampp localhost server on windows computer to run php files on localhost pc.