Run php file in windows using xampp server

Test,run,execute php scripting program code files using Xampp localhost server on computer.

Php files can be easily executable after installing Xampp localhost server on windows. So firstly read my tutorial about how to install Xampp sever on windows platform and install xampp server on your computer. After done installing xampp server start it by enabling Apache & MySQL server. So here is the complete step by step tutorial for How to Run php file in windows using xampp server.

xampp control panel v322

Here you go now your Xampp server is running perfectly on system.

How to Run php file in windows using xampp server.

Note: After done installing xampp on your computer it will automatically creates htdocs named folder where your xampp is installed if you don’t change the installation path then it will by default installs on C:\xampp . So open xampp installation folder and then htdocs folder . 

htdocs folder

All the php project can be only run through htdocs folder so create your php project folder into htdocs folder then put your php file in it. For example i am creating sample_project folder into htdocs folder and putting( saving ) my sample.php file in it.

folder structure new

Now open your web browser( Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer or any other installed browser ).

Type localhost/sample_project/sample.php to run your php file.

Run php file in windows using xampp server

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