How to install Android studio on Windows XP,7,8,10

Android studio is free official android code editor or IDE ( Integrated development environment ) given by Google developers to design & built android applications. There are also another IDE like Eclipse exists for development purpose but Android studio is best of them because its made by Google and google always offers us most easy to use software. Android studio is completely free under Apache 2.0 licence. Android studio is based upon Intellij IDEA platform. So here is the complete tutorial for How to install Android studio on Windows XP,7,8,10 .

Computer system hardware + Os requirement for Android studio.

  • Microsoft windows XP , Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 , Windows 10 operating system.
  • Minimum size of ram ( Random access memory ) is 2GB but for works perfectly on 4GB or above.
  • 500 MB TO 700 MB hard disk free space in any drive.
  • Minimum screen resolution required is 1280 × 800 .
  • JDK ( Java development kit ).

How to install Android studio on Windows XP,7,8,10 step by step Guide + tutorial for beginners.

1. Goto Android developers to download Android Studio.

2. Click on ” DOWNLOAD ANDROID STUDIO FOR WINDOWS ” green color button.

download android studio for windows

3. Now check on ” I have read and agree with above terms and conditions “. Then click on ” DOWNLOAD ANDROID STUDIO FOR WINDOWS “ Sky blue color button.

terms and conditions

4. Now your download will begun. Your downloaded file will be approximately 1.09 GB in size because its contain both Android Studio and Android SDK in it with the latest version of android Marshmallow 6.0 .

5. After finishing download your file should look like this.


6. Double click on file or Run as administrator. Wait for 1-2 minutes for verifying installer loading.

verifying installer

7. Press Yes on User account control pop up box.

user account control

8. Now you will be able to see Android studio setup welcome wizard.

How to install Android studio on Windows XP,7,8,10

9. Check on Android Studio, Android SDK, Android virtual device then click on Next button.

choose components

10. Click on I Agree button.

i agree

11. Now set configuration settings ( Set android studio + android sdk folder path here.You can set custom folder and path here. )

configuration settings

12. Click on Install button.

choose start menu folder

13. After all the procedure android studio with android sdk manger will begun to install. Here you go friends now Android Studio will successfully installed on your windows pc.