Get Google Plus API key for Android from Google Developers – Google+ Login Part-1

How to generate enable Google authentication key inside Google Developers to use Google login and sign-up feature inside android.

What is Google API : Full form of Google API is Google Application Programming Interface, That means by enabling this API inside Google developers it will give us the access to use Google+ Login, Google+ Sign UP, Google Maps integration inside our currently developing android projects. So here is the complete step by step tutorial for Get Google Plus API key for Android from Google Developers – Google+ Login Part-1.

How to Get Google Plus API key for Android from Google Developers – Google+ Login Part-1 .

1. The first step to Enable Google+ API control inside Google developers is to Follow my tutorial and Get SHA1 fingerprint( This step is so much important for Enable Google+ API ) . There are two different process to get that SHA1 key So Eclipse Users Click here and Android Studio Users click Here.

2. After getting SHA1 key GoTo Google Developers and login using your Google account.

3. Click on Google+ API link.

Get Google Plus API key

4. Now you need to Enable the Google+ API so to enable Google+ API, Click on Create Project Button.


5. Now enter your project name and Agree for its terms and conditions. Then click on Create button.


6. Here you go now Click on Enable button to Enable Google+ API .

7. Click on Go to Credentials .


8. Now select API as Google+ API and Where will you be calling the API from? as Android and What data will you be accessing? as User Data. Then click on What credentials do i need? button.


9. Enter your SHA1 fingerprint and android project package name then Create Clint ID button


10. Enter Product name and click on Continue button.


11. Here you go now it will show your Client ID.


Here you go now your Google API android client ID is successfully created.

12. Now sign in into Google developers console.

13. Select your App name as your project , Enter your project package name.


Now enable Google+ Sing in.

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