Export/Get apk file from android application project in eclipse

How to export create generated apk file from eclipse with keystore password to upload on Google play app store.

Full form of .APK is ANDROID APPLICATION PACKAGE FILE format is used to distribute android applications software all around the world used on android mobile operating system currently developed by Google. So in this tutorial we will tell you How to Export/Get apk file from android application project in eclipse.

How to Export/Get apk file from android application project in eclipse.

1. Start Eclipse on your computer.

2. Right click on your android application project and click on Export ( Which apk file you want to generate ).

export apk

3. Now select Export Android Application under Android.

export android application

4. Now on the next window your project is already selected so click on Next Button.


5. Now click first click on Create new keystore , Now click on Browse button to set your app apk save file location, now enter the Password for this application and again enter password inside Confirm box. [ Note: Please remember the password because next time when you want to update your application with this same project code then this password requires with Use existing keystore Option ].

keystore selection

6. When you click on Browse button a new box will appears So enter the application name and app location.

7. On the next window enter Alias, Password, Confirm Password, Validity ( Years ).

key creation

8. Now Browse the destination apk file.

destination and key certificate checks

9. Click on Finish button to finally generate your apk file. Now check the destination apk file folder and you will find your app’s project apk file there.

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