Enable USB debugging Mode on Android Mobile Phone

Locate Developer options in android Kitkat4.4, Lollipop 5.0.1 , 5.1.1, Marshmallow 6.0.

Developers options gives us the facility to start usb debugging mode in your android mobile phone to become full access control of android phone. There is lot’s of options available on developers options. So here is the complete step by step tutorial for How to Enable USB debugging Mode on Android Mobile Phone .

All available options list under developer options.

  • Take bug report.
  • Desktop backup password.
  • Star awake( Screen will never sleep while charging ).
  • Select runtime.
  • Enable BT HCI snoop log( Capture all BT HCI packet in a file ).
  • Process states( Geeky stats about running processes ).
  • USB debugging.
  • Revoke USB debugging authorize.
  • Power menu bug reports( Include option in power menu for taking a bug report ).
  • Allow mock locations.
  • Select debug app( default: No debug application set ).
  • Verify apps over USB ( Check apps installed via ADB/ADT for harmful behavior ).
  • Wireless display certificate( Show options for wireless display certificate ).
  • Show touches ( Show visual feedback for touches ).
  • Pointer location ( Screen overlay showing current touch data ).
  • Show surface updates( Flash entire window surfaces when they update ).
  • Show layout bounds( Show clip bounds ,margins etc. ).
  • Force RTL Layout direction( Force screen layout direction to RTL for all locales ).
  • Window animation scale( Animation scale 1x ).
  • Transition animation scale( Animation scale 1x ).
  • Simulate secondary displays.
  • Hardware accelerated rendering.
  • Force GPU rendering( Force use of GPU for 2d drawing ).
  • Show GPU view updates( Flash views inside windows when draws with the Gpu ).
  • Show hardware layers updates( Flash hardware layers green when they update ).
  • Debug GPU overdraw.
  • Debug non-rectangular clip operations.
  • Force 4x MSAA ( Enable 4x MSAA in openGl es 2.0 apps ).
  • Disable HW overlays( Always use GPU for screen compositing ).
  • Monitoring.
  • Strict mode enabled( Flash screen when apps do long operations on main thread ).
  • Show GPU usage( Screen overlay showing current cup usage ).
  • Profile GUP rendering.
  • Enable OpenGL traces.
  • Don’t keep activities.
  • Background process limit( Standard limit ).
  • Show all ANRs( Show app Not responding dialog for background apps ).

How to Enable USB debugging Mode on Android Mobile Phone .

1. Goto Android mobile phone system settings.


2. Now scroll down and select About Phone.

about phone

3. Click on Build Number multiple times and it will show you a toast message that You are a developer now.

build number

4. Now just go back and you will see Developer Options right above About Phone Menu.

developer options

5. Now open Developers options and Check on USB debugging.

Enable USB debugging Mode on Android Mobile Phone

6. Now it will once again ask your to allow usb debugging. Tap on OK button to conform.

allow usb debugging

Here you go now usb debugging mode is successfully started on your mobile phone. Just connect your mobile device to computer and it will automatically enabled it every time.