Add comments inside Android Studio,Eclipse code editor

Implement user comments in & layout xml file in android studio,eclipse software to remember coding structure.

Comments are the most useful part of become a android developer because comments helps the developer to remember their already done programming working structure by written text help lines above each and every function, syntax. So when developer sees programming files, file, activity_main.xml layout file then developer suddenly remember that this function or class or tag is used here for this particular designing and programming reason. So here is the complete step tutorial for  Add comments inside Android Studio,Eclipse code editor.

How to Add comments inside Android Studio,Eclipse code editor.

1. Simply select the code you want to comment or write some new one.

select text to comment

2. Now press CTRL + SHIFT + / (Slash) .

Add comments inside Android Studio

Here you go now your selected text is convert into comments in code editor. This comment code will not create any error between your coding structure. To remove comments again select commented code and press CTRL + SHIFT + /(Slash) again.

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